DEI Assessment

The Diversity Officers™ DEI Assessment measures and diagnoses an organization’s DEI strategy, including diversity policies, programs, practices, and initiatives. The DEI Assessment helps diversity officers make informed decisions to ensure the success of their DEI efforts.

DEIB Training & Webinars

All diversity officers have access to register for our one-hour webinars held throughout the year. All webinars are closed captioned. We provide a wide variety of subjects and relevant themes such as:

  • DEI Best Practices
  • DEI Leadership Pipeline
  • DEI Competencies
  • Building a DEI Strategy

DEIB Coaching

Individual: Your DEI Leadership Individual Coaching journey can range from advising, to support, to accountability. You’re already an exceptional performer. Through DEI coaching we partner with you to elevate that work by unpacking ineffective beliefs, behaviors, and/or counterproductive habits that have been acquired over time – beliefs and behaviors that marginalize your diverse workforce and hinder your ability to connect with diverse markets. Together the goal is to discover new patterns of thinking and behaving to measure success that is needed as you navigate the journey. You will gain clarity and direction, and you will progress in your goal to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Admittedly, this new place may be frustrating and discouraging, especially when trying to make inroads with workforce members or clients from unfamiliar backgrounds. This is where our continued support and accountability checks come in. You will find that our DEI Leadership Individual Coaching offering is a comprehensive and grounded approach to helping you achieve the goals you’ve identified.

Group: A DEI Leadership Group Coaching cohort is a dynamic assembly of professionals dedicated to furthering diversity efforts in their respective organizations. Our unique selection and grouping process ensures that each participant will not only gain but receive value from our sessions. While specific DEI goals will differ, the coach will act as a constant guide directing participants toward their objectives. The coach partners with the team of leaders to identify strengths, opportunities, blind spots, and ways to increase trust. Together, the team and coach work to establish specific goals and create a path with measurable benchmarks to achieve the identified goals, working through challenges and celebrating victories along the way.