Diversity Officers™ provides a certification program that prepares diversity and inclusion executives to create and take the lead in highly productive DEI strategies. We offer two levels of certification including:

DEI Incubator

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers are the fastest growing position among C-suite hires. Are you ready to become one? The DEI Incubator uniquely prepares diversity leaders for the challenges and complexity that come with this novel executive role. This six-month intensive serves as a training certification program designed to equip future CDOs with advanced knowledge of DEI and executive leadership competency to be effective at partnering, negotiating and driving change at enterprise levels. During this program participants will learn:

  • Advanced concepts of DEI
  • Case study and application about DEI enterprise programs and initiatives
  • Business case statistics and trends about DEI today
  • Tools and methods for measuring, analyzing and reporting DEI outcomes
  • How to leverage their personal leadership design for effective executive leadership
  • Effective leadership behavior for building partnerships and influencing decisions
  • Leading and navigating through organizational culture and complexity
  • Executive leadership communication, presence and gravitas
  • Leading transformational change

DEIB Certified Diversity Professional Certification

DEIB Executive Leadership Certification

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Emerging Leaders

The world of work has changed. Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges and levels of complexity that require fresh perspective. They need leaders who understand this volatility and who will demonstrate the level of leadership that matches the moment. That is why this program exists. The Emerging Leaders Certificate helps you understand your own personal leadership style and apply a range of leadership techniques to be effective in dynamic environments. The program will help you gain the skills, courage and confidence to lead at the next level. Participants completing the Emerging Leaders Certificate will:

  • Identify their leadership philosophy
  • Learn foundational leadership styles to be effective
  • Understand the concept of emergence in leading
  • Transitioning your leadership thinking
  • Developing your leadership presence

Leading Transformational Change

Leading an enterprise-wide change effort requires a broad repertoire of advanced leadership competency and prowess. We custom designed this Leading Transformational Change Certificate to provide participants with select topics that will equip them to develop their personal leadership style; create mutual success and influence stakeholders while also providing the techniques and proven practices to reduce barriers and resistance to change. Participants will use actual projects or scenarios to amplify their learning. At the conclusion of the Leading Transformational Change Certificate, participants will:

  • Learn leadership styles and techniques that are proven effective at leading change
  • Recognize the barriers to implementing change
  • Develop greater savvy and executive presence
  • Understand the elements to reduce resistance and improve successful transformational change

Executive Leadership Development

Most executives learn leadership on the job, which means they can acquire toxic and outdated modes of leading that no longer work in today’s complex and diverse environments. So, we developed the Executive Leadership Development Certificate to equip leaders with the most current information and methods to help them be effective. Designed to give you a leadership edge, this program covers a range of in-depth topics from leading with emotional intelligence to navigating organizational politics. Participants in the Executive Leadership Development Certificate will:

  • Learn a range of leadership models to adopt a personal leadership design
  • Understand and apply values-based leadership in critical decision-making and judgement
  • Design an organizational culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding and overcoming the unwritten rules that govern politics
  • Understand the principles of leading with emotional intelligence
  • Learn the use of power and influence while developing savvy and executive presence